iso   Commercial Plan


Designed for Analyzing, Appraising & Reporting any Commercial Property Type (Residential, Retail, Industrial or Office) at any Current Stage of Development or Current Highest & Best Use. Over 125 property types to choose from

This plan is perfect for those who specialize in any type commercial property (residential, industrial, retail, office). With automation, now be able to analyze, appraise or report basic to complex commercial properties (income producing or subdivisions) at any stage of development or highest & best use

This plan is for commercial users and institutions that regularly interact with all property types in all of the 13 property classifications. In addition, these users can also evaluate all property types in various physical stages of the property development. This product includes all valuation and financial feasibility tools of mix use properties, i.e. Retail and Residential Condos, etc. If this is your situation, this product can be used by:

  • Buyers: Will help make better buying decisions and assist in purchase negotiations, appraisal assistance and lending decisions.
  • Sellers: Will help in competitively pricing your property for sale and assist in selling negotiations.
  • Developers: Whether you are developing any property type that may or may not need an entitlement time period, you will be able to prove financial feasibility of your proposed project; show potential lenders or investors all values to be created along the development timeline; make better buying / selling decisions and assist in purchase negotiations; appraisal assistance; lending decisions and speed up the underwriting process.
  • Remodelers: Will indicate whether your proposed remodeling project is economically feasible; show potential lenders or investors all values to be created along the development timeline; make better buying / selling decisions and assist in purchase negotiations; appraisal assistance; lending decisions and speed up the underwriting process.
  • Architects: Will indicate whether your client’s proposed development or remodeling project is financially feasible; can better advise client as to the cost budget; adds value and professionalism to your services.
  • Realtors / Brokers: Will help in gaining more quality listings; assist in purchase negotiations and appraisal assistance, speeds up the underwriting process.
  • Appraisers: Will give more transparency to your indicated market value conclusion; will insulate your appraised value from future value aberrations; reduces the risk of future lawsuits; will add greater value and professionalism to your appraisal report.
  • Lenders:  Helps make better lending decisions; know where your loan-to-value should be in any market; know where your optimal financing terms should be; insulates you from lawsuits if loan is sold into the secondary market; assists you in better strategies for your existing portfolio; better communication with bank examiners and investors; allows you to perform your own evaluations for federally related regulations.
  • Bankers: Enhances real estate portfolio management; better assessment of risk tolerance; timely risk identification, enables prompt risk management strategies; superior loan portfolio strategic planning to maximize ROA; achieve loan portfolio diversification objectives; improved documentation of loan portfolio management; improved management of concentration risk, using a broader range of risk characteristics; advanced MIS gives management the ability to slice and dice the portfolio; ability to monitor developments in a geographic area or industry; prompt detection of changes in CRE portfolio and delivers a powerful and sophisticated tool in the hands of the banker.
  • Lawyers: Can help you in understanding and assisting clients, juries and opposing attorneys as to the value of your property type; adds value to your services and greater professionalism.
  • REITs, CMBS Markets, Asset Managers, Institutional Investors, Non Profits and Publicly Traded Companies, can also use this product to maximize the performance and value of their portfolio. This product helps formulate and implement a long term real estate asset management and/or fund management strategy.
  • Bank Examiners: Commercial real estate activities contribute significantly to the US Economy. Imprudent risk taking and inadequate risk management, particularly during periods of rapid economic growth, can lead to significant losses and be a major cause of bank failures. Now, with the help of Valuexpose, the banking industry can accurately predict or control the timing of the real estate business cycle in any market for any property type. Valuexpose allows banks to appropriately identify, measure, monitor and control risk by implementing an effective risk management system. Bank examiners can now assess the effectiveness of a bank’s risk management system through the processes and control systems of Valuexpose. Valuexpose now standardizes this risk management system, allowing analysis on a property-by-property strategy instead of a macro portfolio strategy.
  • Bond Rating Companies: These type of users can now accurately assess risks of financial instruments collaterized  by real property, i.e. CMBS markets, Fannie Mae, etc. Valuexpose allows bond rating companies to drill down into each collateral product without being blinded by simply supply / demand and current market value. These surface metrics can mislead the bond rater and ultimately the financial instruments’ investor which could unknowingly be “rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic”. Bond rating companies were partially blamed for the last “great recession” because of their inability to drill past supply / demand and well researched market values. Now, bond rating companies can better protect the public and themselves by accurately assessing the hidden risks of this asset class.
  • Universities / Academics: Valuexpose is an effective tool to teach how to organize the agents of production, i.e. land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. As a teaching tool, Valuexpose reinforces the classroom theory that can be difficult to comprehend by students. Valuexpose puts it “all together” whereby the student can now see a practical application of these disciplines. Make a complex subject to “come alive” with live demonstrations that will resonate with your students, and become that professor that everyone wants to learn from.
  • Accountants / CPAs: Valuexpose adds value to your practice by being able to better estimate mark-to-market client’s property assets. Valuexpose will open new services to your clients, allowing you to compete with larger firms in your industry.