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Is this proposed development or remodeling project financially feasible?
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Single Family/Condo




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Real Estate Classifications (13 Classifications – See list)

Only Residential Pick one Classification Pick one Classification All Classifications
Real Estate Property Types (Over 300 types) Singel Family or Condo (1) Type in Chosen Class All Types in Chosen Class All Property Types
Valuation Modules * Only Module 5 All Modules All Modules All Modules
bulletpricingDevelopment/ Financial Feasibility *
Develop from Raw Unentitled Land (Module 1) * aspa aspa aspa
Develop from Entitled Lot (Module 2) * aspa aspa aspa
Partially finished or needs remodeling (Module 3) * aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingExisting / Completed Buildings *
From Non- Stabilized or Unsold Finished Lots/ Units (Module 4) * aspa aspa aspa
From Stalilized Occupancy & Market Rents (Module 5) * aspa aspa aspa aspa
User Participation (How to get your results?)
User only has to answer questions (takes 10 minutes) aspa aspa aspa aspa
What Valuexpose automatically produces for you
bulletpricingProposed Development Timeline values * aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingInvestment Holding Timeline Values * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingAll market forecast associated with your value aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingHow far has your value detached from its fundamental value? * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingIf your value is sustainable during your ownership * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingIf your value has entered a dangerous speculative bubble * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingIs your development or remodel financially feasible? * aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingWhat is the optimal financing amount and terms? * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingCan add Timeline Holding Period of developments * aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingCan insert Reversion (Ending Sale price) * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingCalculates your properties Fundamental Value * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingCan Reverse Engineer your value into market forecasts * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingPrintable report with all graphics and analysis One Per Month 10 Per Month 20 Per Month Unlimited
bulletpricingAll value results are provable and printable aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingShows you all Units of Comparison for your property  aspa  aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingCalculates property`s future value to justify current value * aspa aspa aspa aspa
Produces detailed development / remodeling Cost of Production * aspa aspa aspa
Produces stabilized Income and Expense Statement aspa Depends on chosen types aspa aspa
Other Features
bulletpricingAccess to comparable sales * Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
bulletpricingAutomated Discounted Cash Flows * aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingAbility to value mixed use properties aspa
bulletpricing“What if “feature * aspa aspa aspa  aspa
bulletpricingDetrimental Condition Feature (Impaired properties) aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingHighest and Best Use feature aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingCondo Conversion feature aspa aspa
bulletpricingVideo library aspa aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingLandlords ground lease value (Lease fee interest) aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingTenant’s leasehold value subject to a ground lease aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingTenant’s leasehold value due to below market rents aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingLandlord’s bonus value due to below market rents aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingBonus value due to an extended life property aspa aspa
bulletpricingInterim use contributory value of building improvement aspa aspa aspa
bulletpricingNumber of projects analyzed § 10 40 100 1000

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* Patent Pending (US and Internationally)
§ Projects can be recycled (updated); deleted and started again or you can buy more project slots.
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