Valuexpose is a cloud-based product made up of a suite of Residential and Commercial valuation tools. Most of these valuation tools are brand new technology (23 patent pending claims) and they provide critical information that the public, lending institutions, and other users of valuation products have been desperately requesting from valuation professionals since the last real estate market collapse.

  • Will my property’s current market value be sustainable during the time period I intend to own the property?

  • How far is my property’s current market value detached from its natural or intrinsic value?

  • If my property’s current market value is significantly above its natural value, how long do I have before a probable value collapse? Is it a good time to sell?

  • If my property’s current market value is significantly below its natural value, is it a good time to buy?

  • Will my specific property be financially feasible if I develop the land or remodel an existing building?

  • Has my property value entered a dangerous speculative bubble?

See Why Valuexpose for additional specific problems solved by Valuexpose depending on the state of your property’s current physical condition.

Valuexpose  tools are bundled into four different  products, depending on your valuation needs:solutions1 solutions2 solutions3solutions4