iso Valuexpose tools are bundled into three different products, depending
on your valuation needs:

VALUEXPOSE is a cloud-based product made up of a suite of Residential and Commercial valuation tools.

  • This new technology has automated the USA and international valuation industry’s body of knowledge together with the industry’s sophisticated valuation techniques.
  • Accurately determines your property’s highest and best use that transparently supports your property’s current value opinion.
  • Sales Comparison methodology that automatically selects comparable sales and compares to the appraised property eliminating possible appraiser bias/pressure and/or subjective unsupported comparison adjustments.
  • Automated Income approach methodologies include comparable sale extracted overall rates used in direct capitalization of your property.
  • Automated Yield Capitalization methodology in determining the markets forecasted property yield expectation together with the markets forecast of the property’s prospective ending sale price (reversion).
  • Automated Discounted Cash Flow valuation methodologies depending on your property’s current highest and best use and physical state of development.
  • Cost of Production methodology for properties to be developed or remodeled.
  • All valuation and reporting options comply with USPAP standards in developing accurate, transparent and unbiased valuation results in an easy to use format with little to no training.
  • Concluded market valuation results are further automatically analyzed to clearly determine if your concluded value result is sustainable during its current business cycle.
  • Income properties and Subdivision properties can be valued at any stage of their development or highest and best use
  • “To be” developed or “to be” remodeled income or subdivision properties clearly indicate financial feasibility, or not, as well as the “as is” value and all prospective values along the development/remodeling timeline up to 100% completion (which is stabilized occupancy for income properties and “sold out” for subdivision properties).
  • Dozens of reporting options to choose from leading commonly used form reports and narrative formats.
  • Your firm’s customized private report format can also be easily automated and integrated into the software for faster completion.
  • All completed individual property valuations can be set to automatically update as new property sales and data appear in the marketplace (perfect for property portfolios and development/remodeling properties)
  • Software was developed by very experienced Designated Appraisal Institute Members each with 25 to 40 years experience in appraising and reviewing complex commercial properties in the US and abroad.

See Why Valuexpose for additional specific problems solved by Valuexpose depending on the state of your property’s current physical condition.

VALUEXPOSE  tools are bundled into three different  products, depending on your valuation needs:


Valuation bundle to work with a 100% completed Single Family Dwelling or a Single Residential Condominium.


Designed for Analyzing, Appraising & Reporting Residential SFR/ Condo/Townhouse; Residential Income Producing Properties; Residential Subdivision Properties at any Current Stage of Development or Current Highest & Best Use.


Designed for Analyzing, Appraising & Reporting any Commercial Property Type (Residential, Retail, Industrial or Office) at any Current Stage of Development or Current Highest & Best Use. Over 125 property types to choose from