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Basic Plan


Basic Plan

This plan is designed for buyers of Single Family Houses or Condos to personally occupy

Income Producing Properties

Stabilized & Non-Stabilized Properties

Residential or Commercial Plan

For people interested in how ValueXpose works for income producing properties that are currently at stabilized or non-stabilized occupancy. Depending on your property type, this video will explain which plan you’ll need.

Income Producing Properties

Vacant Land or Remodeling Projects

Residential or Commercial Plan

For people interested in properties that are to be developed from vacant land or properties that have existing buiding improvements that need major remodeling.

Subdivision Properties

Any Stage of Development

Residential or Commercial Plan

For people interested in residential or commercial subdivision properties at any stage of development. This includes proposed subdivisions developed from vacant land or existing subdivisions that need major remodeling or finishing. It also includes 100% finished subdivisions with unsold units or lots.

Appraisers and CECL Regulations

Residential and Commercial Properties

Basic, Residential or Commercial Plans

How appraisers and lenders can benefit from this new methodology in meeting the intent of the new CECL regulations. Not only does this methodology reduce the unintended consequences of CECL, it actually helps target and stabilize specific problem real estate markets. The results reduce the additional loan loss reserves expectations as a result of CECL and the expected administrative expenses.

Value Sustainability

How This Model is Constructed

Is Included on All Income Producing Properties

This video shows you specifically how the Value Sustainability Model is constructed and how it automatically interacts with the development of the appraisal without any further input from the appraiser.

How to receive Free ValueXpose Account

If you are sent a Email with a VE Appraisal

Procedure in receiving a ValueXpose appraisal

If you are emailed a ValueXpose appraisal and don’t have a ValueXpose subscription, this is how you open a free account to view the emailed appraisal.