Why Valuexpose?

Valuexpose encompasses 13 Classifications within which you can find over 320 property types allowing you to work with your specific property type:

Classifications Property Types
Residential & multi-family prop.
Office properties
Industrial properties
Retail properties
Lodging & hospitality properties
Senior housing properties
Sports & entertainment properties
Health care properties
Agricultural properties
Assembly meeting properties
Special purpose properties
Green energy properties
Business enterprise properties
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17 (see Types)
46 (see Types)
47 (see Types)
15 (see Types)
4 (see Types)
34 (see Types)
7 (see Types)
26 (see Types)
13 (see Types)
59 (see Types)
19 (see Types)
21 (see Types)
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Your specific property type might not be 100% complete and/or fully stabilized. Valuexpose allows you to analyze your specific property type based on its current physical state of development and / or economic status as follows:

Module 1 (Specific problems solved)
Developed From Raw Land / Needs Entitlements
Residential or commercial property that is to be developed from raw land AND requiring an entitlement period.

Module 2 (Specific problems solved)
Developed from Raw Land / Already Entitled
Residential or commercial property that is to be developed from existing entitled land or finished lot NOT requiring an entitlement period.

Module 3 (Specific problems solved)
Partially Build / Needs Remodeling
Residential or commercial property that is partially built or needs major remodeling and may or may not have some existing income.

Module 4 (Specific problems solved)
Fully Built / Not Stabilized or Finished Unsold Lots / Units
Residential or commercial property that is 100% complete but NOT at stabilized occupancy and/or NOT at stabilized market rents: OR if the existing property is 100% complete but has NOT sold off its existing inventory of lots or units.

Module 5 (Specific problems solved)
Fully Built / Stabilized
Residential or commercial property that is 100% complete and at stabilized occupancy and stabilized market rents.

What pain does ValuExpose™ eliminate?

Here are some specific reasons categorized by profession:

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All Financial Valuation Modeling (DCFs) are automated.

Just follow a simple four step process:

Select your Property Classification, Property Type and Property Sub-Type.

2Choose whether your property is to be developed; remodeled; is currently existing at non-stabilized or stabilized occupancy; or whether lots / units are to be sold one by one.

Simply answer basic questions regarding your specific
property type (takes 10 minutes or less!).

4See instantly valuation results to your questions; whether or not your development property is financially feasible; and most importantly whether or not your valuation results are sustainable during your intended ownership.