iso Residential Plan


Designed for Analyzing, Appraising & Reporting Residential SFR/ Condo/Townhouse; Residential Income Producing Properties; Residential Subdivision Properties at any Current Stage of Development or Current Highest & Best Use.

This plan is perfect for those who specialize in any type of residential property including income producing or subdivisions. With automation, now be able to analyze, appraise or report basic to complex residential properties at any stage of development or highest & best use

  • Buyers: Will help make better buying decisions and assist in purchase negotiations, appraisal assistance and lending decisions.
  • Sellers: Will help in competitively pricing your property for sale and assist in selling negotiations.
  • Developers: Whether you are developing this property type that may or may not need an entitlement time period, you will be able to prove financial feasibility of your proposed project; show potential lenders or investors all values to be created along the development timeline; make better buying / selling decisions and assist in purchase negotiations; appraisal assistance; lending decisions and speed up the underwriting process.
  • Remodelers: Will indicate whether or not your proposed remodeling project is economically feasible; show potential lenders or investors all values to be created along the development timeline; make better buying / selling decisions and assist in purchase negotiations; appraisal assistance; lending decisions and speed up the underwriting process.
  • Architects: Will indicate whether your client’s proposed development or remodeling project is financially feasible; can better advise client as to the cost budget; adds value and professionalism to your services.
  • Realtors / Brokers: Will help in gaining more quality listings; assist in purchase negotiations and appraisal assistance, speeds up the underwriting process.
  • Appraisers: Will give more transparency to your indicated market value conclusion; will insulate your appraised value from future value aberrations; reduces the risk of future lawsuits; will add greater value and professionalism to your appraisal report.
  • Lenders:  Helps make better lending decisions; know where your loan-to-value should be in any market; know where your optimal financing terms should be; insulates you from lawsuits if loan is sold into the secondary market; assists you in better strategies for your existing portfolio; better communication with bank examiners and investors; allows you to perform your own evaluations for federally related regulations.
  • Bankers: Enhances real estate portfolio management; better assessment of risk tolerance; timely risk identification, enables prompt risk management strategies; superior loan portfolio strategic planning to maximize ROA; achieve loan portfolio diversification objectives; improved documentation of loan portfolio management; improved management of concentration risk, using a broader range of risk characteristics; advanced MIS gives management the ability to slice and dice the portfolio; ability to monitor developments in a geographic area or industry; prompt detection of changes in CRE portfolio and delivers a powerful and sophisticated tool in the hands of the banker.
  • Lawyers: Can help you in understanding and assisting clients, juries and opposing attorneys as to the value of your property type; adds value to your services and greater professionalism.