isoSingle Family and Condo Product


This product is for people that are interested or specialize only in residential single family / condominiums that are 100% complete, owner-occupied or currently leased to a tenant at market rent.

Below are the TOP answers you will receive from the Single Family / Condo Product:

  • Will the current market value of my property be sustainable during my intended ownership?
  • Is this a good time to buy or sell your property?
  • What is the maximum loan-to-value on my property I should NOT exceed in order to avoid the increased danger of future negative equity (also called “underwater”)?
  • Does proposed financing on my property increases or decreases my ownership benefits?
  • When you eventually sell your property, how much must the selling price be to justify its current market value?
  • What is my property’s current fundamental value?
  • Be a savvy and informed buyer, and use Valuexpose’s report to negotiate more toward the property’s fundamental value and save thousands off the asking price.

Take Warren Buffett’s advice: “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

Don’t get blinded once again by undetected irrational market demand that fooled everybody in the 2007-2008 housing speculating bubble crash. This time, before you buy that house or condo, be a more informed buyer.

If you purchase in a neighborhood that is experiencing undetected irrational demand, your specific house or condo’s current sale price could be unsustainable during your ownership. This could once again lead to a devastating foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, deficiency judgment or a miserable mortgage “underwater” situation that indicates that you were the “greater fool”.

Undetected irrational demand creates for your property a sale price that can be significantly detached from the property’s fundamental value (balanced supply and demand). There is now a newly developed valuation methodology and technology, created by an experienced MAI designated appraiser (Appraisal Institute’s highest designation). This new patent-pending technology easily shows your property’s fundamental value contrasted by the asking price of the house or condo you are interested in.

This product can be used by:

  • Buyers: Will help make better buying decisions and assist in purchase decisions, negotiations, appraisal assistance and lending
  • Sellers: Will help in competitively pricing your property for sale and assist in selling negotiations.