iso  Specific Pains Eliminated for Bond Rating Companies

When rating residential or commercial backed mortgage financial instruments, don’t be blinded by market values of the underlying collateral.Valuexpose shows you the possible hidden risks that may exist if market value has significantly detached from its natural or intrinsic value. Knowing this critical information allows bond rating companies to accurately assess these hidden risk and protect themselves from future liability if the market collapses.

Valuexpose is the first cloud based software application that gives you critical information that your clients have been desperately requesting from the appraisal professional for the last several years. This leading edge new technology regarding your specific property type has never been available until now.

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  • Eliminates future liability and loss of reputation due to erroneous assessment of risk and expected yields.
  • Eliminates the time consuming effort of creating complex analysis and DCF model construction to support your value conclusion.
  • Eliminates the anxiety of the markets irrational forecasts which lead to a market value conclusion severely detached from your property’s natural or intrinsic value.
  • Eliminates the anxiety of trying to support your value conclusion with weak comps.
  • Eliminates the anxiety and legal exposure by fully briefing your client if the market value is sustainable in the future.
  • Eliminates the enormous time,effort and training it takes for new employees or independent contractors.
  • Eliminates the risk of lawsuits if expected forecasts, that make up your value estimate, change in the future and subsequently change your original value estimate.
  • Eliminates the ever increasing E&O insurance rates eating into your profit margins.
  • Eliminates the confusion and outrageous cost of complicated and costly software.
  • Eliminates enormous logic mistakes from self made DCF models.
  • Eliminates unreasonable reviews of your work product.
  • Eliminates the frustration of only relying on a single point-in-time value to make loan decisions.
  • Eliminates insecurity wondering if your loan collateral’s market value declines will your loan-to-value be breached.
  • Eliminates insecurity of wondering whether or not a specific market’s property value is in or entering a bubble phenomenon.
  • Eliminates insecurity of wondering whether or not your real estate collateral’s value is sustainable in the future.
  • Eliminates insecurity that your loans sold into the secondary markets are “contingent liabilities” whereby buyers sue you for selling them “non-qualified loans” if values decline in the future.
  • Eliminates insecurity of not knowing where a specific property’s value lies on the business cycle.
  • Eliminates anxiety satisfying bank examiners as to the value of loan collateral.
  • Eliminates anxiety paying for expensive data and analysis vendors that do not give you the specific answers you need.
  • Eliminates the confusion as to where the optimal lending limit and interest rate optimization should be for each property loan.
  • Enhance real estate portfolio management.
  • Better assessment of risk tolerance.
  • Timely risk identification, enables prompt risk management strategies.
  • Superior loan portfolio strategic planning to maximize ROA.
  • Achieve loan portfolio diversification objectives.
  • Improved documentation of loan portfolio management.
  • Improved management of concentration risk, using a broader range of risk characteristics.
  • Advanced MIS gives management the ability to slice and dice portfolio.
  • Ability to monitor developments in a geographic area,industry.
  • Prompt detection of changes in CRE portfolio.
  • Delivers a powerful and sophisticated tool in the hands of the banker or bank examiners.
  • Complies with OCC, FDIC, handbooks for commercial real estate lending.
  • Allows for better concentration management.
  • Superior portfolio stress testing.
  • Forward analysis for 3 year strategic planning.
  • Ability to identify appraisal reasonableness.
  • Value sustainability for stress testing.
  • Know each portfolio property’s intrinsic value.
  • Know where each portfolio property’s market value lies with the economic cycle.

What pain does ValuExpose™ eliminate?

Here are some specific reasons categorized by profession:

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All valuations, applicable financial modeling methodologies and comp sale selections are automated

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See instant predictive analysis, valuation & reporting results for your property from automated USPAP compliant generally accepted appraisal standards and methodologies.