iso  Specific Pains Eliminated for Realtors

Valuexpose gives you a competitive advantage when listing and selling residential and commercial properties.

Valuexpose easily allows the user to insert basic due diligence for a specific property type no matter if the property is to be developed or is currently existing (and everything in between).

Valuexpose instantly returns all values sought including financial feasibility (if development property); whether or not the property’s current market value is sustainable during an investment / ownership period; the timing of when the property will start increasing or decreasing; how different financing scenarios will affect the owner’s equity yield; and all the property’s related units of comparison (metrics).

Valuexpose can also be used to produce a more sophisticated broker’s opinion.

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  • Eliminates the need for your client to seek outside consultants in making buying or listing decisions.
  • Eliminates the time consuming efforts or analyzing and communicating to buyers,sellers and lenders a specific property’s value and risks expected throughout and investment holding period.
  • Eliminates the guessing game as to whether a specific property is over valued or under valued.
  • Eliminates the guessing game of what a cap rate should be and consequently its value for a specific property.
  • Eliminates the frustration of not knowing if lenders will lend on a specific property.
  • Eliminates buyers or sellers objections by easily allowing them to insert any and  all forecasts and risks into Valuexpose to instantly see value impact.
  • Eliminates the confusion and inconsistencies of investment jargon in allowing better communication between buyers, sellers,lenders, appraisers and bankers.
  • Eliminates the frustration of supporting and communicating values to buyers,sellers, bankers, tax assessors and appraisers.
  • Eliminates the confusion if comparable sales are truly comparable.
  • Eliminates the large expense of subscribing to broad based national metrics for specific property types. Valuexpose gives you specific property metrics and trends for your specific property type in its specific market.
  • Eliminates old fashion price negotiation and allows more productive negotiations based or specific market forecast. The price of the property will instantly change with each negotiated forecast.
  • Eliminates whether or not to take on a listing.
  • Eliminates the frustration of pricing a specific property that is currently not at stabilized potential.
  • Eliminates the confusion as to who is going to be the typical buyer for a specificproperty, i.e., owner/user, investor, developer,land speculator, adjacent property owner,international buyer, investor, bottom investor,flipper, or portfolio investor.
  • Eliminates the fear of being sued by your client because there is more transparency to the purchase.
  • Eliminates the confusion over how proposed financing impacts the buyers equity yield.
  • Eliminates the time it takes to train new sales people.
  • Eliminates the confusion of matching the right property to your clients risk tolerance expectations.
  • Eliminates the confusion as to where a specific property is in relation to the current economic cycle.
  • Eliminates the mystery or whether a specific property’s sale price has or is entering a bubble phenomenon.
  • Eliminates the guessing game of whether or not a specific property is entering a price recovery as well as timing of this recovery.
  • Eliminates the confusion of whether or not it is economically feasible to immediate develop or remodel a specific property.
  • Eliminates the confusion as to what a specific property’s highest and best use should be (use that produces the highest value for the longest period of time.)
  • Eliminates  the disorganization of keeping comparable sales broken down into their component of value (future bets associated with its sale price.)
  • Eliminates the confusion as to how a specific lease and its terms will affect the property’s value.
  • Eliminates unprofessional broker opinions by fully supporting the final value conclusion.

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What pain does ValuExpose™ eliminate?

Here are some specific reasons categorized by profession:

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All valuations, applicable financial modeling methodologies and comp sale selections are automated

Just follow a simple four step process:


Select your Property Classification, Property Type and Property Sub-Type.


Simply answer the questions presented for your specific property.


Select if your income producing property is to be developed, or currently needs to be remodeled/finished, or is currently at non-stabilized/stabilized occupancy. Select your subdivision property to be developed, or currently needs to be remodeled/finished, or currently has finished/unsold lots/units.


See instant predictive analysis, valuation & reporting results for your property from automated USPAP compliant generally accepted appraisal standards and methodologies.