iso  Specific Pains Eliminated for Private Property Owners

While owning your specific property during an investment holding period, Valuexpose will allow you to monitor its value in relation to your property’s natural or intrinsic value. This critical information will give advanced warning of where to possibly sell to achieve maximum profit and yield on your investment. It will also show you the maximum amount to finance the property without jeopardizing an “underwater” mortgage situation that happened to tens of thousands of property owners during the late 2000’s real estate collapse..

Valuexpose is the first cloud based software application that gives you critical information on your specific property that has never been available before now.

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  • Eliminates the guessing game of when to sell, hold or refinance your property.
  • Eliminates the anxiety of not knowing how possibly reducing your tenant’s rent will impact your property’s current market value.
  • Eliminates the confusion of whether it is economically feasible to remodel your property now or wait until a later date.
  • Eliminates the confusion if proposed financing is increasing or decreasing your equity yield.
  • Eliminates the insecurity of not fully understanding whether a proposed development or major remodeling of an existing property is economically feasible to even begin the project.
  • Eliminates the insecurity of wondering whether your property value will be sustainable in the future.
  • Eliminates the frustration of trying to support your property’s value for tax reassessment purposes.
  • Eliminates the risk of not fully supporting your property’s value for IRS trust or estate tax requirements.
  • Eliminates the confusion in communicating value issues with appraisers, bankers / lenders, realtors and buyers.
  • Eliminates the confusion of valuing your property in any physical state, current occupancy or any other state of non-stabilized occupancy.
  • Eliminates the uncertainty of what price your property will need to sell for in the future to achieve a certain annual yield if purchased for all cash or financed.
  • Eliminates the frustrating extensive training or independent consultant cost of evaluating and monitoring your property during your investment holding period.
  • Eliminates the problem of communicating your property’s value estimate during your investment holding period and when you are ready to sell.
  • Eliminates the confusion of supporting your property’s value estimate on market forecasts in addition to comparable sales.

What pain does ValuExpose™ eliminate?

Here are some specific reasons categorized by profession:

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All valuations, applicable financial modeling methodologies and comp sale selections are automated

Just follow a simple four step process:


Select your Property Classification, Property Type and Property Sub-Type.


Simply answer the questions presented for your specific property.


Select if your income producing property is to be developed, or currently needs to be remodeled/finished, or is currently at non-stabilized/stabilized occupancy. Select your subdivision property to be developed, or currently needs to be remodeled/finished, or currently has finished/unsold lots/units.


See instant predictive analysis, valuation & reporting results for your property from automated USPAP compliant generally accepted appraisal standards and methodologies.